Daphne – 70s Style!

So my much-loved Scooby Gang was one of my most popular costumes of last year. Considering Shaggy & Velma put their kit together for a drunken night out, Daphne was put together in 2 hours by me on the morning of our first event as a group and Fred bought his kit on eBay, it goes to show that time spent does not equal popularity in the cosplay game!

So having said all that, this year Fred and I decided that since we were Fred & Daphne-ing during the day at the SciFi Weekender that we’d have a night out as well, and of course that means new outfits. 70s outfits!
I loved the dance scene at the end of the second live action movie and wanted to do something along those lines, with a classic Daphne look to it. 

I decided to go with a flared sleeve, a draped bodice and short skirt. I really like Gellar’s sash, so decided to incorporate that into the dress as a belt and sash, in an accent colour. The belt was also shaped in an assymmetric curve. There are certain things I favour in design, skirts that are longer in the back for example, and that is one of those things.

This was my colour palette – The purple was found on a shopping trip in London. It was a two-tone glittery fabric with a pink shine to it that was completely perfect for what I was going for! I lined the bodice with purple dress lining.

The sequin fabric was a pink/lilac found on eBay.

Daphne is always very fashion-y, if that’s even a word! I wanted this outfit to be well accessorised but practical for dancing. For the life of me, I can’t remember what bra I wore underneath this, but I’m fairly certain the dress was fixed to it. I wore pink hold ups, which had a really nice weight and colour to them. The shoes were purple/pink paisley Irregular Choice Cortesan shoes and were goddamned perfect!! The heel was low enough to dance in and the flowers were a beautiful little detail. I found a pink sequinned clutch as well.
I knew I was going to use my regular Daphne wig. I am absurdly proud of it, as it was one of the first that I’d really gone to town on, and I love it. So I sparkled it up with a headband in the belt fabric.
I had two options for a necklace. It needed something, as the dress is cut so low, and my original thought was a beaded choker. When the thing arrived though it was massive, it could actually lap my neck twice! So I bought a chiffon scarf in the same green as Daphne’s, wrapped it with the choker so the large beaded chunk looked like a pin, and went with that. It created a really nice line, in keeping with Classic Daphne.
The makeup for this was done by my gorgeous friend Heidi! It was quite a clean look for my skin, then heavy metallic green eyes and lips in a vaguely Studio 54 style. When I redo this outfit (and I will!) I’ll get a better shot of the style.
I also bought a cheap faux fur cape in purple that turned out to be the best idea ever. It was really easy to throw on and set everything off really well! Here you can also see my big, chunky ring, a birthday present from my friend Jessica that turned out to be perfect for this –
Freddles wore mostly the same kit as regular Fred, with an amazing blue paisley shirt. In classic Posh Twat style the white jumper was draped over his shoulders when he wasn’t wearing it.
And finally – 

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