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Etsy Store Now OPEN!!

Hey you guys, I’m really excited as I’ve just reopened my OddTogs Etsy store with a load of new pieces in it! When I’ve finished a commission, or a cosplay piece I’m always left with small scraps of fabric, so I’ve started to recycle them into cute flowers that can be clipped into the hair, onto a hat band or worn as a brooch!

So far I’ve got lots of Doctor Who pieces up, based on Five, Ten and Eleven, plus Rose, Idris and Clara. Please check them out and let me know on Etsy if there are any designs you’d like to see!

There are also lots of other cosplay designs, some original designs, a lot of raw edged tatty flowers (I love the look of these!) and soon I’ll do some bows.

I’m planning a few My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic inspired designs soon as well after my husband found some rainbow ribbon in my studio! I’ve been watching the show with my 4yr old son and have come to the conclusion that I am Rarity. She even wears my glasses.

Lots of love and much excitement!