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Eowyn – Dernhelm, The Cloak Dyetest #2

Dye Test #2 – Again with leftover dye from other projects! RIT Dyes Golden Yellow, 4fl, Evening Blue, 2fl and 1fl of Black.
It’s now perfect for dirtying down and distressing, and a definite improvement on this – 
I may put it in with a watered down black to take some of the shine off of it, but I’ll see about that when it’s shaped and made up.

Eowyn – Dernhelm, The Cloak Begins

This is a heavy wool blanket, £13 on ebay and formerly pink! I’ve machine dyed it with half a pack of leftover dark green dye and it is now greyish. Another round or two of dye to go, then I can shape and distress it.

Chainmail! This is riveted mail in aluminium, so it looks great and won’t pull apart but it’s lightweight. This is really important to me as I have joint problems.

This set was a bargain on eBay, badly listed with a low starting price so only cost me about £70 for this and a pair of chainmail leg pieces. I’ll be using the ‘stockings’ to extend the arms. I’ll also raise the slit in the front and back.

Eowyn – Dernhelm, Referencing

Look how gorgeous this is! And also incredibly detailed and probably likely to make me swear at it a lot. First up – referencing. This is a great shot as it shows a lot of the armour detail.

Here in a capture from the film I can see she has a dark green cloak, worn over the split mail. The green tunic worn under the chain mail also looks like it is split for riding, or heavily gathered with enough excess for movement.

There is probably a padded gambeson on underneath the green tunic for comfort.

Here we have relatively plain brown jodhpurs and riding boots, albeit heavily distressed. You can also see the green tunic, tucked into gauntlets, but visible between the gauntlet and the glove. This means the gauntlet isn’t attached to the glove, which makes it easier.