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Bill & Ted at LFCC

Cosplay has been won for the day, everyone go home – Bill S Preston, Esquire finds his Princess. And she’s a total babe.

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Star Wars – Jedi Youngling

So while I’m getting my son dressed my husband has put the New Hope soundtrack on in the background. The moment my son picked up his lightsaber the Force Theme came up in the background and I swear my husband choked up.

Mama’s Little Jedi is gonna kick Anakin’s ass.

Costume and Youngling made by OddTogs
Photo and Youngling by AMW Photography

Herne Bay Scooby Gang

Scooby Gang ready to beam out.
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Daphne Hair

Daphne wig washed and restyled ready for #HerneBay @SciFibytheSea on Sunday!
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Game of Thrones – Daario & Daenerys

Daario Naharis – Andy Webster, Fantasy Cosplayer
Daenerys – Chameleon
Game of Thrones

Buttercup – Final!

First worn at the SciFi Weekender 2015, we grabbed a few shots but will undoubtedly get a few more soon enough! The wig was styled and the crown attached to it for security. Then I added the flowers around the base, which is what gives Buttercup’s crown a busier feel in the movie as opposed to the way it looks in the exhibit.

My sweet Westley played by Leo Chell.

“As you wish…..”
“We can go live in the fireswamp!”
And finally… To the pain!

Buttercup – The Jewellery

The crown begins! First I created the shape, using a heavy duty plastic interfacing. I covered it with silver lame fabric and sized the gaps against one of the large, padded flowers I bought for the dips.

Then I acquired narrow Russian braid to edge the crown. This was applied top and bottom to emphasise the points and creates a 3d effect to the crown. On the original the braided edge and base piece were probably metal, so I’m trying to recreate that effect with fabrics.

This, when it had all dried, formed the base crown. Then it was time to embellish! Buttercup’s crown has large flowers between the points, smaller flowers underneath the points, and three spikes above the points.
These padded flowers were chosen because of their raised edges. I painted the back of them silver as they would be visible above the base crown, then flattened some bead caps to create the gold centre pieces and finished it with a large Swarovski crystal.
Side point – I am a Swarovski snob. I love them. They capture and reflect light just beautifully, and far more effectively than other crystals or cheap diamante. If you don’t believe me, go watch the live action version of Cinderella.

These were the smaller flowers that would go in on the centre of the spikes. These are metal flower bases. I threaded a pearl on a ball-end pin and secured it with a dot of superglue. This was then threaded through the crown and the pin at the back was used to secure the triple spikes.

Above – All flowers installed, next up is the spikes! The centre spikes are larger than the side ones but are basically the same pattern with slightly smaller beads. 


Compared to the crown, the necklace was simple –

Flat oval pearls and a fake pearl drop piece to start, then a flat base piece to attach everything to. The final moonstone centrepiece was glued in place and all finished!
Then the wig arrived… Couldn’t resist trying it all on! This hair and makeup test was taken before the crown and dress were completed. It was actually a challenge, as my usual makeup style is quite contoured and Buttercup has virtually no makeup.

Really pleased with the result! Now to put it all together….

Buttercup – Beading Begins!

Previously on All My Sparkles: The base dress is done and the first round of applique has been glued in place. I’m happy with the fit, and have slowly been gathering pieces required for the crown and jewelry. What needs to happen next is the beading on the dress though. There’s a lot of it!

I decided to go with ivory pearls rather than optic white and have stuck with this throughout.

Once I’d got this far with the beading, the giant white space over my chest was becoming really obvious. It definitely needed filling. I found some decent silver applique pieces, though when they arrived they were really bright in comparison to the rest of the costume, so I put a layer of paint over them.
Above – Before and after reshaping to better fit the dress. Below – After painting it blends in much better with the other pieces.
Each bead is placed on a white translucent cup sequin and then stitched in place. I used the same sequins on the shoulder pieces to blend them in where there were very obvious silver sequins originally, and added more pearls.
The top of the oversleeve splits also have small pearls on each side.

The underdress Buttercup wears is a scrunchy affair. To do this I bought silk chiffon, soaked it, scrunched it and left it to dry. I heat-set the pleats, created narrow piping from ivory satin and attached it to the overdress at the front and back.
Below – Close up of the piping – I embellished this with a ric-rac ribbon and small pearls.

Quick trying on session to show the fit and size of the skirt! This was before I embellished the underdress.

Next up – The crown. All my pieces have finally arrived! 

Buttercup – Sleeves and Silver

So last time I jumped in on this outfit it was basically a top with some stuff pinned onto it. Since then it has fortunately progressed to the point where it’s actually look pretty damn sweet! This horrendous photo of myself is the only one I got after the skirt had gone on, but does show that it’s in roughly the right position on me bust wise. More when my chest is actually hoiked up where nature (alright, Gossard) intended it to be. 

I’ve also had a breakthrough on colour! As previously mentioned, this thing looks anything from blue to shiny white to silver in photographs. Fortunately for me I have a friend in Seattle, and this dress is on display at the Seattle EMP in their Worlds Of Myths & Magic exhibit. She said this thing glows shiny white. It’s like Galadriel appearing in Lothlorien. So bowing to her eyes-on opinion I’m going to forget about attempting to dye it.
The sleeves are medieval/fantasy style, split oversleeves that hang to impractical lengths and are once again embellished around the edges, and undersleeves that are tightly fitted. The fabric I have is slightly more opaque than the original, and the underfinished side doesn’t look quite as nice. I did toy with the idea of lining them with the same fabric, but decided to forget about that idea as it would remove all ability for light to shine through. It also wouldn’t flow as nicely, so I machine hemmed them and put them in.
This is the back drape of the dress as it stands, with sleeves. It’s pinned to overlap at the top just to keep the bugger on the dummy as the sleeves are quite heavy.
The dummy is slightly shorter than I am so it won’t be dragging on the floor quite as much as it is here.

Finally I can start putting all of the applique pieces on this monster! First up is this silver edging. It is actually far more matte finish than I thought originally so I may go over it with a bit of paint to highlight it and bring it up to the shoulder pieces earlier pictured.
For the early stages I glued the trim in place with a fast-grab, washable fabric glue. The applique needed to be cut and shaped accordingly, with bits added or removed where necessary to move it around the corners. There will also be much sewing on of pearls and sequins with this, so the later stitching will also give it that added security.
I have also started work on the crown so check back soon for some babbling about that! Mostly there will be swearing as making jewellry is always a challenge for me.
The Back – To be laced or zipped.

Count Dooku – Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones

Count Dooku, or Darth Tyranus. This was a commission for a friend of mine and took a go to get right. The first tunic I made, I didn’t like the look of the fabric, and on top of that the bloody arms were too tight! So I took apart the whole thing, repatterned the sleeves entirely and created this.

This has an extended centre dart to allow for the client’s shape, and a centre back seam for the same thing.

This has a velcro close to halfway down the tunic, allowing for ease of movement. The collar closes with hooks and eyes.

The belt patches are top stitched with dark thread, then attached to the belt with contact cement. The belt closes in the back with lacing.

The cloak is a linen/cotton mix from memory, really nice to work with and a great drape but lightweight enough to fly properly. It was interfaced with dark interfacing and wadded to get the right look. This took a lot of work at the toille stage to get the collar to stand up properly, adding in fabric, fitting, recutting etc, and I’m really pleased with the end result!
The lining is a standard antistatic lining. I had real trouble matching the original finish with the lining so went for a good colour instead. Again, it hangs well and moves nicely so I’m pleased.

The back collar is where the real fitting work happened. Result – Win.
This is the finished result, heading out to my client today! I’ll post photos up of him in his full kit once I get them sorted.