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Buttercup – The Jewellery

The crown begins! First I created the shape, using a heavy duty plastic interfacing. I covered it with silver lame fabric and sized the gaps against one of the large, padded flowers I bought for the dips.

Then I acquired narrow Russian braid to edge the crown. This was applied top and bottom to emphasise the points and creates a 3d effect to the crown. On the original the braided edge and base piece were probably metal, so I’m trying to recreate that effect with fabrics.

This, when it had all dried, formed the base crown. Then it was time to embellish! Buttercup’s crown has large flowers between the points, smaller flowers underneath the points, and three spikes above the points.
These padded flowers were chosen because of their raised edges. I painted the back of them silver as they would be visible above the base crown, then flattened some bead caps to create the gold centre pieces and finished it with a large Swarovski crystal.
Side point – I am a Swarovski snob. I love them. They capture and reflect light just beautifully, and far more effectively than other crystals or cheap diamante. If you don’t believe me, go watch the live action version of Cinderella.

These were the smaller flowers that would go in on the centre of the spikes. These are metal flower bases. I threaded a pearl on a ball-end pin and secured it with a dot of superglue. This was then threaded through the crown and the pin at the back was used to secure the triple spikes.

Above – All flowers installed, next up is the spikes! The centre spikes are larger than the side ones but are basically the same pattern with slightly smaller beads. 


Compared to the crown, the necklace was simple –

Flat oval pearls and a fake pearl drop piece to start, then a flat base piece to attach everything to. The final moonstone centrepiece was glued in place and all finished!
Then the wig arrived… Couldn’t resist trying it all on! This hair and makeup test was taken before the crown and dress were completed. It was actually a challenge, as my usual makeup style is quite contoured and Buttercup has virtually no makeup.

Really pleased with the result! Now to put it all together….